Tuesday, 31 October 2017

New Homes For Sale

Twilight Homes Currently Available For Sale

Our expertise is working with clients to build custom new homes for sale; however we do have new spec homes available that are move-in ready.
You can find details including floor plans and lot details on our spec homes on the move-in tab of our website. Some of the different models include:
  • Mariposa
  • Santiago
  • Valle Vista
  • Paradise VIEWS
  •  Mesa del Sol
Our portfolio includes a variety of different designs that range in size, style and amenities to accommodate family size and lifestyles. These plans are meant to meet the need of the home buyer wanting a simplified buying experience. Every one of our homes is built with quality and efficiency.
Twilight Homes’ team is always available for questions or information. Please contact us for pricing.

Phone: 505-433-5862
FAX: 505-200-9684
1301 Cuesta Arriba Ct NE, Suite A
Albuquerque, NM 87113
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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Best Rio Rancho Home Builder

The Twilight Promise
At Twilight Homes we have developed a process that makes the custom home building experience positive and fun.
We are Rio Rancho’s preferred home builder and have spent years focusing and developing a better building process.

The Twilight Experience
The Twilight promise merges attention and detail into one amazing home building experience.
-Quality Design
-Honest Reputation
-Delivering On time
-Leading Customer Service

Local Rio Rancho Home Builder
We are committed to building beautiful homes for Rio Rancho families. Our dedication to Rio Rancho has earned us award winning designs and return customers whom we have built second and third homes for.
We are excited to work with New Mexico families and provide recommendations on home buying and building in Rio Rancho. We are proud to serve as the fastest growing local New Mexico builder. Our team are experts in their field and we are waiting to leverage our expertise with you and pave the way to the best Rio Rancho building experience.
We can’t wait to build your home in Rio Rancho with you!
Our team is always available for questions or information.

Phone: 505-433-5862
FAX: 505-200-9684
1301 Cuesta Arriba Ct NE, Suite A
Albuquerque, NM 87113
Email Contact:

Friday, 18 August 2017

Twilight Wins Sterling Award from 2-10 Warranty Company

The top 1% nationally in builder customer service and warranty claims! Twilight Homes has won the Sterling Award from the 2-10 Warranty Company. Twilight Homes is rising above the high bar they set for themselves in service to their customers.

2-10 “Slab to Roof” Warranty

Yes, Twilight is the fastest growing builder in New Mexico with superior customer service. The 2-10 Warranty backs up the Twilight Homes of distinction reputation. Buyers of Twilight Home series homes experience hands-on service from design, building, appliances and installation.
The Sterling Award Winning 2-10 Warranty covers “slab to roof” for problems that arise after move-in for two years, which is double the standard. Once the two-year mark is reached homeowners still have an eight-year structural warranty. The servicing of the 2-10 warranty is usually serviced by local vendors, craftsmen, and businesses. Twilight Homes is unique in finding local vendors and craftsmen who are committed to the 2-10 new home warranty.

Twilight Home is recognized as Top 1% of Builders Nationally

Albuquerque and surrounding communities have an opportunity of having options in affordable homes, beautiful landscapes, culturally rich communities, creative experiences, educational venues and abundant sunshine most of the year. Twilight Homes has made the Albuquerque area the place to build homes for people with a lifestyle and taste for the Albuquerque flavor. Twilight Home brings together the hands-on small builder treatment and fastest growing builder in New Mexico to the Albuquerque area.
The Sterling Award was presented to Twilight Home Builders as a symbol of high-quality customer service, quality building, and low warranty claims. Warranty claims serviced to homeowners’ satisfaction is also represented by the award. Home buyers trust Twilight Homes comes through with service and quality work. The key to Twilight Homes’ success is the local connection. Twilight had a vision of a community of affordable homes in communities serviced by the very vendors, craftsmen, and tradesmen who built and take pride in their work.

Rising Star: Twilight Homes

Today, and into the future, Twilight Homes keeps creating the dream of new homes in more neighborhoods. Buyers look for a builder who knows what they want and how to make it all come together. Twilight Homes had a vision when they offered local businesses committed to the 2-10 warranty. Ingenuity and resourcefulness inspire Twilight Home to keep rising, meeting and surpassing expectations. 

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

2 Year Warranty with 10 Year Structural Warranty

The warranty that makes a difference in buying a new home is here. The 2-year “slab to roof” and additional 8-year structural warranty is what makes the Twilight Home difference. Award-winning Twilight Home 2-10 warranty is more than a piece of paper or contract. The Twilight 2-10 warranty represents their reputation for hands-on customer service and high-quality products.

2-year Warranty

This portion of the 2-10 warranty is the “slab to roof” warranty which covers everything the Twilight team sources to build a dream home. The 2-year “slab to roof” warranty is double the 1-year coverage which is common in the building industry.
After the homeowner has been in his new home for 45 days Twilight Homes take a walk-through of the home to tweak anything needing an extra touch. Since the owners have lived in the home for a month and a half small imperfections are more evident and Twilight is there to tweak things to satisfaction.
The 22-month walkthrough is part of the program which Twilight is proud to implement. The 22- month walk through is Twilight Home way of making sure the homeowner has peace of mind. Twilight walks through the home and fixes any problems before the two-year expiration of the 2-year “slab to roof” warranty.

10-year Structural Warranty
  • Beyond the first 2-year “slab to roof” the structural warranty has the home covered for another eight years.
  • Warranty work request form link on Twilight Homes’ website for easy access.
  • Twilight Homes’ team consists of local vendors and businesses committed to the service of the 2-10 new home warranty which makes service calls quick and easy.
Peace of Mind is a Twilight Homes Priority

Receiving the Sterling Award for the 2-10 warranty places Twilight Home Builders above the rest. Peace of mind is in the little things and steps Twilight takes to ensure each home is a happy home for each homeowner.
Established in the top 1% in the country of builder customer service, Twilight Homes has a proven record of exquisite hands-on customer service, a phenomenal 2-10 warranty, and a team of local vendors, craftsmen, and businesses committed to building quality homes from top to bottom, inside and outside. The fastest growing builder in New Mexico, Twilight Homes, is a large builder with the comfortable trusting process and an award winning 2-10 warranty.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Twilight is Building in Santa Fe

Santa Fe is the newest setting for sought after Twilight Homes. The largest and fastest growing builder in New Mexico is building in Santa Fe. Twilight Homes has set sight on building in the Cielo Azul area.  Home buyers can expect the same quality, green and beautifully designed homes as Twilight Homes is known for throughout the Albuquerque area.

Cielo Azul Lifestyle

Residents in Cielo enjoy proximity to all that is required in daily life: hospitals, schools, shopping, entertainment, and nature. Twilight Home designers know the lifestyle of Santé Fe residents and each home built reflects the inclusive features of each homeowners’ individual lifestyle. Cielo Azul Twilight homes price range is $240,990 to $315,990.

Santa Fe Home Choices

  • Check the Twilight Homes Inventory of Homes when moving in quickly is essential.
  • Come in and talk to the designers, loan officers and the rest of the Twilight team to begin the buying or building process.
  • EOS series of homes in Santa Fe is an affordable option of Twilight Homes with six different floor plans available.

The Twilight Difference 

The same Twilight Homes Team customer service found around New Mexico is brought to Santé Fe. The Sterling Award winning, Santa Fe home builder, Twilight Homes 2-10 warranty with local vendors committed to service in the years to come. The local vendors and the quick click application process make home ownership stress free. The 2-year “slab to roof” warranty is twice most local builders and is utilized with the 45-day walk through, 22-month walk through to be sure each home warranty covers each home at crucial points of the warranty. The next 8-year structural warranty creates a worry free process with local vendor backing, and an easy application process found on the Twilight Homes website.

Renting is a Thing of the Past in Santa Fe

Why rent when you can buy a house with a low down payment and closing costs? The owners of Twilight Homes had a vision of building affordable homes for the people in the Albuquerque area. Today, each new Twilight home is built with the homeowner’s lifestyle in mind, recruited local vendors, businesses, and craftsmen. Not only is each home fulfilling the Twilight owner’s vision, the homeowner’s dream, but is boosting the local economy. As the local economy grows Twilight Homes keeps building and raising the bar higher. Twilight Homes is building in Santa Fe and is offering the best to home buyers. 

Friday, 12 May 2017

Twilight Features Bosch Appliance Package

The only builder in the state of New Mexico to offer Bosch appliance packages as a standard option with every home built is Twilight Home Builders. Twilight made the astounding announcement in early 2016. Twilight Home Builder knows the Bosch appliance brand represents high-quality in the appliance industry.

Bosch Appliances are Standard
Twilight Homes realize new home buyers love the convenience of one-time stop shopping. Twilight Homes decided to team up with Bosch to put together an appliance package as a standard feature of every new Twilight Home without an additional expenditure. Bosch brings to the table their own standard of quality. Attaining the highest quality kitchens in Twilight Homes is the reason why Bosch is the standard choice in appliance packages in every Twilight new home. Bosch stands for quality, technically perfect, and outstanding reliability.

Twilight Homes Has a Vision
Twilight Homes was created when the three owners came together and envisioned affordable new homes for sale, with unprecedented customer service, designers, materials, products, and local vendors. The owners also knew customers loved the polished, no-hassle, complete, and ready to move-in of the new Twilight homes. The continued edge on customer satisfaction Twilight has maintained has been elevated farther in offering the Bosch appliance package as a standard home option. The pre-furnished condition of each Twilight Home is what customers gravitated to and Twilight Homes has delivered by including the highly sought Bosch brand in appliances.

The Extra Special Standards Make a Difference

The Bosch appliance package as a standard, no additional cost, featured in all new Twilight homes furthers the high standard of customer service and is another example of the award-winning Twilight Home Builders reputation. The Twilight vision of affordable homes built by local vendors with high-quality options, such as the Bosch appliance package, proves how much thought and effort go into each home, customer, and community. Beside the expected Bosch appliance backing, remember the 2-10 warranty Twilight Homes offers with every home purchase. Twilight Homes and Bosch have created another amazing reason to build your new home.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Joya Escondida in Albuquerque

Whether you are looking for the perfect place to live with great schools and enrichment excursions, or a place to hike and enjoy Old Towne Albuquerque, you have to check out the Twilight Homes’ opening of Joya Escondida. The gated community of Joya Escondida is considered a gem nestled in bustling Albuquerque. Joya Escondida homes are perfect for its accessibility to great schools, cultural events, zoo, aquarium and many museums. All the excitement and enrichment a city can furnish and a local builder with a reputation for building quality homes with a team of local vendors to give you a vast selection of floor plans at an affordable price.

Twilight Home Builders’ Reputation
The three owners of Twilight Homes have brought their previous success together and created the fastest growing builder in New Mexico. Twilight Homes keeps raising the bar on the quality of homes to the public. The opening of Joya Escondida in Albuquerque is the currently successful series of homes collaborating with local vendors to bring award-winning design, craftsmanship, décor, appliance packages and 2-10 warranty to potential homeowners in the area.

Joya Escondida Home Selection
Albuquerque neighborhood of Joya Escondida series homes offers one and two-story living spaces ranging from 1091 square feet to 2618 square feet. The 2 to 5 bedroom options also include 2, 2.5, and 3.5 bathrooms. All home plans include 2-car garages.
Starting price on the Joya Escondida homes start at $169,900. There is also the exclusive Twilight Homes’ EOS series offered among the options available in the Joya Escondida series. Now it is possible to own your own home instead of renting.

Homeowners can have it all!
  • Beautiful landscape and the sunshine.?
  • Close to schools?
  • Gated and secure community?
  • Affordable housing in a favourable city.?
  • 2-10 warranty to give you peace of mind on structural and ‘slab to roof’ amenities serviced by local vendors.?
  • Twilight Home Builders reputation of hands-on care and service?
  • 30-60 faster build than smaller area builders

Looking for a new home in Albuquerque is at your feet at the opening of the Twilight Homes’ series, Joya Escondida. The team at Twilight Homes is ready and waiting to offer you a piece of the hidden jewel of Albuquerque. Come out and discover the Twilight experience.